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Veranda produces dramas, entertainment formats, documentaries, and advertising content for broadcast television and digital platforms. Based in Barcelona and headed by Aitor Montánchez and Ignasi Comillas, the company aims to become a launchpad of creativity and development by working with screenwriters and directors to respond to the new media platforms' demand for quality product. In October 2019, the company joined the Lagardère Studios audiovisual group, and this has helped Veranda reach co-production and distribution deals for its content in an increasingly globalized market.

Among the company’s productions is “Merlí: Sapere Aude” which was renewed for a second season on Movistar+ following its successful premiere in December. This drama series is a spin-off of the TV3 series "Merlí," which became a veritable phenomenon after three seasons and made a huge splash internationally with its premiere on Netflix and two adaptations currently in development for France and Italy.

Veranda’s team is currently immersed in developing various projects and, in the more immediate future, they are working on preproduction for the series “Álex,” directed by Eduard Cortés. Moreover, the company will soon start shooting the second season of the hit TV3 show “Persona Infiltrada.”

Some of the Veranda’s other productions include, “Oh Happy Day,” “Catalunya Directe,” “Gran Nord,” “Tots som 1,” “15 anys de radio,” “Fet a Catalunya,” and “Les flors del mal.”

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